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Thanks to its simple design, you can assemble it yourself without having to use any special tools. However, please feel free to contact us if you experience any difficulties.


3.Posts and beams→4.Roof→5.Roof


Because it’s easy to assemble and disassemble, the Zashiki can be used at home, in shops, during events and much more, either for permanent use or temporary exhibits.

※Some of the rooms displayed are customized.

Product Summary

The wall panels can be replaced with the changing of the seasons. Feel Japanese nature all year long.

Frame size/ install space


Product Summary

Product Summary

Standard frame

【( N )Uncoated W1-N-HA 】

Japanese paper cloth color

For the wall panels please choose either the “spring and fall” or “summer and winter” design.

【spring and fall(HA)】【summer and winter(NF)】

Natural stone color

【Alcove wall panel】


You can also choose from the following options.

Frame coating

【( K )Persimmon tannin W1-K-HA 】・【( U )Japanese lacquer W1-U-HA 】

Seasonal design lacquer panel is also optional.


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