Message from the Top

Koichiro Hirata

Nice Corporation was established in 1950 as Japan was rebuilding in the aftermath of the Second World War. The Company held the first timber auction in the Kanto region where large quantities of timber were shipped in from various parts of Japan and auctioned in bulk to meet the booming housing demand during Japan's postwar recovery. From this small beginning, timber auctions rapidly spread throughout the country, heralding a revolution in timber distribution in Japan.
Today, with our unrivalled national network of timber auction markets in 16 locations, we are providing a stable supply of construction timber at a highly reliable quality and price, and also expanding our sales of housing equipment and construction material throughout Japan.
In 1971 we started our housing business. In our condominium sales we implement strict and thorough quality control, including exhaustive third-party inspections whose results are then made available to potential customers. Customers also have the opportunity to take part in their own inspection tours of the condominiums. As for detached housing, Japan is highly prone to earthquakes and the wooden housing we provide boasts the nation's highest level of earthquake resistance. In 2009 we developed the SUTEKI HOME", and it is because of our extensive knowledge of building materials that we have been able to realize the "Super High Quality & Good Price" wooden housing products. We are also looking to expand the reach of our stable supply of quality domestic construction timber and our reliable and affordable wooden housing products to the rest of the world so that as many people as possible can enjoy their family life in a high-quality and comfortable home. To date we have exhibited at housing exhibitions in France, Belgium, China and South Korea where we highlighted the "SUTEKI HOME" and Japan's outstanding domestic timber. We at Nice Corporation have never lost sight of our philosophy of "working together with our customers to build the homes of their dreams", and as we look confidently ahead to the future, we will indeed continue to strive with all our effort to provide people throughout the world with the homes of their dreams.