Company history

1950 June The forerunner of Nice Holdings ? Ichi-Uri Mokuzai Kabushiki Kaisha ? established as a timber auction company.
1959 June In addition to timber, began sales of building material, housing equipment, and general housing components.
1962 February Began import and sales of foreign timber.
July Listed in the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1971 March Corporate name changed from Ichi-Uri Mokuzai Kabushiki Kaisha to Nichiei Housing Materials Corporation.
July Began condominium sales business
1972 April Began detached house sales business
1973 May Elevated to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1974 June Established Nice Community Corporation. Began general condominium management business.
July Opened an office in Portland (USA). Strengthened the development of North American timber products.
1980 February Began marketing, distribution and sales of total housing material packages for housing manufacturers.
1984 December Established Nice Computer Systems Corporation. Computerized Group information, and began development and sales of business software for the timber and housing industries.
1985 January Established Nice Reform Plaza Corporation. Began renovation business centering on condominiums.
July Established Nice International America (restructured the Portland office into a local corporation).
1987 August Established the Nice Group Health Insurance Society.
1988 September Established the Nice Rental Information Service Corporation. Began providing rental property management services.
October Corporate name changed from Nichiei Housing Materials Corporation to Nichiei Real Estate Corporation.
1989 October Established Nice Livepia Corporation. Began the home center and hardware business.
1990 January Established Yokohama Real Estate Information Corporation jointly with the Yokohama Bank Group. Began corporate brokerage services.
1992 June Established Nice Unitec Corporation. Began condominium equipment and interior works business.
1995 October Corporate name changed from Nichiei Real Estate Corporation to Nice Nichiei Corporation. Introduced the three-business headquarters system consisting of the timber auction business headquarters, building materials business headquarters, and housing business headquarters.
1996 March Established Techno Works Corporation jointly with Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.
1998 February Introduced the "Nice Support System" to strengthen the marketing support structure for client sales outlets and building contractors.
2000 February Established Nice Precut Corporation. Began business of framework timber machine processing and sale.
June Commenced the "Nice ADDVAN" online ordering system for building materials and housing equipment.
October Corporate name changed from Nice Nichiei Corporation to Nice Corporation
2001 October Began the "Housing Structural Reform" campaign to promote earthquake-resistant housing.
2002 July Established Nice Institute of Business Corporation. Began business consultation services.
2003 April Began holding the national "Nice Waku-Waku Fair".
2004 October Established the Timber and Housing Research Institute Corporation.
2005 August Decided to provide seismic-isolation structures or enhanced earthquake-resistant structures (1.25 times more earthquake-resistant) as a standard feature in condominiums.
2006 May Metal Fit Co., Ltd. became a consolidated subsidiary. Acquired intellectual property rights and product development know-how of metal building joints.
2007 March Established Kanesan Co., Ltd. Began timber milling and precut business operations in Niigata.
October Moved to a holding company structure through a company split; Corporate name changed from the former Nice Corporation to Nice Holdings Inc. Moved to a corporate group centering on New Nice Corporation, which became a business corporation.
2008 April Established SC Housing System Corporation jointly with KANEKA CORPORATION.
August Acquired all shares of Hokuriku Daiken Co., Ltd., and changed the corporate name to Hokuriku Juzai Co., Ltd. Expanded the marketing presence in Hokuriku.
October Timber and Housing Structural Design Corporation began business operations.
2009 September Nice Corporation established the new PropertyOn Co., Ltd. to handle housing record data. Took part in a social experiment run by the Housing Record Data Development Examination Committee.
2010 January Established the Suteki Loan Center Co., Ltd. Provided the "Flat 35" loan agency service.
July Established Eiwa Juken Corporation. Expanded sales of building materials and housing equipment in Osaka.
2012 January Established the Kyoto Headquarters as a functional hub for the Group in Kyoto.
January Corporate name of Metal Fit Co., Ltd. change to Power Build Corporation.
February Nice Unitec Corporation and Eiwa Juken Corporation merged. As the surviving company, Nice Unitec Corporation strengthened detached housing construction and other construction functions.