Group synergy

Working together with our customers to build the homes of their dreams.

We are developing and providing a range of innovative products and services that are ahead of their time through our comprehensive capacity to supply the materials and products necessary for building houses, the houses themselves, and also various services relating to houses.


Wooden houses built by a building materials company

Backed by the comprehensive capacity of the Nice Holdings group of companies, we at Nice Corporation, a building materials company, have developed the "Super High Quality & Good Price" SUTEKI HOME wooden house.
In developing our SUTEKI HOME, we had a close look at how we build homes right from the construction stage, and have rationalized the building process to minimize the amount of material waste generated during construction. Thanks to this, we have cut down construction time to about 30-45 days for our standard plan, and this in turn has reduced construction costs so we can supply the homes at a very affordable price.
SUTEKI HOME The SUTEKI HOME offers the highest level of quality that clears the toughest standards for earthquake resistance and energy efficiency. The outer sides and the wet areas of the home by themselves have the structural strength that meets earthquake-prone Japan's earthquake resistance standards, so home layout can be readily modified as the life stage and family circumstances change without fear of affecting the earthquake resistance. The SUTEKI HOME is also highly energy efficient, and adjusting the level of insulation depending on the region will keep out harsh external temperatures and limit the transfer of high and low temperatures to inside the home to maintain a comfortable internal living space. Developed through the synergy between all of the housing-related businesses of Nice Holdings, the SUTEKI HOME is indeed a "Housing Top Runner".

Construction of an emergency makeshift house

Fenice home
Tohoku Like a phoenix, rise up from the destruction. Like a phoenix, soar to a new future.

No fewer than 390,000 dwellings were damaged in the Great East Japan Earthquake that struck the Tohoku region last year. Nice Holdings has been involved in building and supplying materials for emergency temporary housing from the earliest stage following the earthquake in an effort to contribute to the rehabilitation of the disaster area and help people affected by the disaster to rebuild their lives. Based on our SUTEKI HOME, we developed the "FENice Home" so that people in the cold regions of Tohoku can live in comfort and with peace of mind.FENICE Fenice is Italian for phoenix, and we gave the home this name with the view of providing people with comfortable and secure homes. Coupled with a high level of performance and quality, the FENice Home is fitted with a solar power generation system as a standard feature to reduce energy charges, ensure power supply during emergencies, and also reduce the environmental load. As a member of the building industry, we believe that providing quality homes at an affordable price will go a long way to helping the reconstruction of the region, so we have established a number of joint ventures with local companies in the various areas of Tohoku to make our "FENice Home" an important part of local communities.