Materials business

As a specialist in building materials, we are creating the ideal homes.


Japan's leading timber auction markets

Nice Corporation is Japan's leading timber market company with an unrivalled national network of timber auction markets. We handle roughly one million cubic tons of timber yearly, or enough timber to build about 50,000 standard Japanese wooden houses (about 11% of the wooden houses built in Japan each year). Generally, domestic timber is sourced from virgin wood, so there are great difficulties in securing supplies of a stable quality, performance and price. With our extensive experience and know-how from timber acquisition to the planning and sale of wooden houses, we are working closely with leading domestic timber producers in all parts of Japan to provide a stable supply of high-quality timber. We are extremely meticulous about wood, and we have a broad range of quality timber products that convey the true warmth of this wonderful material.

Building materials distribution

materials of house
A total package solution for home building materials

We handle all building materials including timber, structural frames, construction material, housing equipment and imported home products, and supply the total package of materials needed to build a home. We are also working together with Japan's top building materials manufacturers to develop functional and original products at a good price. We are the authorized distributor in Japan for the U.S. high-quality timber sash manufacturer Marvin Windows and Doors. As the community's sense of values regarding home construction change, so too do the needs of our customers. Our distribution network linking overseas distribution centers and our business establishments in Japan provides products on a just-in-time principle, ensuring that we will always have the capacity to meet these diversifying needs.

Development of original construction methods

Power Build System
Strong and efficient "Power Build System"

The Power Build System is Nice Holdings' unique construction method that combines engineering wood and metal joints. Engineering wood is pre-cut at the factory, and special metal joints are used for the timber joinery, so fitting and assembly at the building site is simple, resulting in a significant reduction in the time needed for construction. Nuts and bolts are not used at all, so there are no fears of nuts remaining untightened or becoming loose over time. The system provides outstanding earthquake resistance and durability, and is highly precise, so in line with our "strong houses" concept, we have adopted this system as standard on all our SUTEKI HOME detached houses.

Distribution centers

Distribution network covering Japan

Our distribution centers co-located with our pre-cut factories in seven location from Tohoku to Kyushu form a distribution network covering Japan through which we can deliver the total package of building materials necessary to build a home, from structural frames to construction and housing materials and equipment as they are required on a just-in-time principle.


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Promoting renewable energy and the smart house

We are expanding our range of eco-products to realize more energy-efficient homes. We supply building contractors not just with energy-related products such as solar power generation systems, HEMS, and storage batteries, we also offer housing specifications that can realize zero-energy homes.