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Detached housing

Detached housing
Homes that convey the strength and warmth of wood

We began our detached housing business in 1972, and over the four decades since then, we have sold about 10,000 houses. Our original Power Build System of joining the timber structural framework with metal joints is used on all our homes to provide superior earthquake resistance and durability that underscores our building concept of strong houses. In 2009 we developed the SUTEKI HOME, which offers the highest level of quality that clears the toughest standards for earthquake resistance and energy efficiency. And because the system dramatically cuts down on waste in the construction process, we are able to supply these high-quality homes at an affordable price.
With our vast experience in the housing business built over many years, we are highlighting the strength and warmth of wood as we help every customer realize their ideal home.


Providing safe and reliable condominiums

Since our entry into the condominium sales business in 1971, we have sold about 47,000 condominiums. With our highest priority on safety, we are the only condominium developer that has adopted a seismic-isolation structure that reduces shaking during an earthquake, or an enhanced earthquake-resistant structure that is 1.25 times more earthquake-resistant than the national standard as a standard feature.
We have also established our unique "Prysm" quality control system. Under this system, we have third-party structural inspections conducted not just on specified floors covered by statutory requirements, but on all floors. We also introduced the Nice View System which allows condominium purchasers to observe the construction sites in real time over the Internet. Through such programs, systems, and attention to detail, we are pursuing a level of quality control that ensures our clients will enjoy their new homes with complete peace of mind.

Structural safety

Equipment which misses an earthquake
"Houses protect the lives of families who live in them."

In the Great Hanshin Earthquake, which struck in 1995 with its epicenter in Hyogo Prefecture, more than 80% of fatalities in Kobe were caused by suffocation or being crushed to death from collapsed buildings. Houses are to protect life; they must not become a threat that can take away your life, the lives of your family members, or your valuable assets and possessions.
Based on this ideal, in 2001 we introduced the "Power Build System", which boasts Japan's highest level of earthquake resistance, as a standard feature on our detached houses, and in 2005 we adopted the seismic-isolation structure or the enhanced earthquake-resistant structure that is 1.25 times more earthquake-resistant than the national standard as a standard feature on our condominiums.

Coexistence with the environment

solar power generation
Japan's top-rating environmentally friendly housing

Ideal housing must be environmentally friendly and have minimal impact on the local area.
The SUTEKI HOME is designed with a quality that can achieve an S-Rank certification, the highest rating under CASBEE. CASBEE (Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environment Efficiency) is a system which evaluates and ranks the overall quality of the building, not just in energy efficiency and environmental consideration for materials and equipment with a low environmental load, but in internal comfort and consideration for external views as well. They can also meet the LCCM (Life Cycle Carbon Minus) certification criteria. LCCM houses are the top energy efficient houses in Japan that achieve a minus CO2 emission balance over the life of the home by minimizing the amount of CO2 emitted from construction through to final disposal and generating household power from renewable energy sources.