Power Build System

Strong and attractive metal joints delivering earthquake resistance and rational construction. Strong and precise timber framework created in Japan.
Power build system's structure

Strong construction with metal joints

The Power Build System has taken Japan's traditional timber framework construction method to a new level. This unique system rationalizes and strengthens timber frame joinery, which has to date been seen as the weak point of wooden housing. One of the characteristic features of this system is the use of specially designed strong carbon cast steel joints to join the timber framing pieces, thereby giving greater strength to the structure. Another feature of the system is that since bolts are not used, there are no fears of bolts becoming loose as the timber shrinks, so the frame remains stable and strong.This system is promoted as Suteki Wood System in Europe.

The junction of a framework

Quick, uniform and precise construction

The Power Build System makes it easy to build highly precise structures. The system itself is indeed simple. Special metal joints are installed in the beams and pillars, and drift pins are then inserted to fix the joints. This highly rational system allows greater work efficiency on the building site, and this in turn makes the entire building process much more price competitive.

structural calculations

Earthquake resistance backed by structural calculations

In Japan single and double story buildings generally undergo structural checks using simple calculations, but for the Power Build System we go much further and confirm structural safety using a special Power Build CAD (MF-CAD) incorporating sophisticated three-dimensional analysis and allowable stress calculations. Design drawings that have been verified become precut processing data, and are then sent to precut factories throughout Japan for processing. This highly efficient process ensures there are no framework discrepancies at the building site, and the safety performance built-in into the design drawing remains unaltered through the construction stage.

Strength test

Wood that's stronger that wood ? engineering wood

We recommend engineering wood for structures that use the Power Build System. The strength of each timber framing piece is confirmed, so its reliability coupled with its much lower rate of shrinkage compared to normal timber makes engineering wood indispensable to the Power Build System and its demand for high-quality and high-precision timber.

precut factory

High-quality made in Japan

Housing performance is largely dependent on the precision of the structure, and it is no exaggeration to say that this is also the key to housing safety. SUTEKI HOME structures are processed at our specialist precut factories in Japan, so we proudly stand by their quality and precision.